Life's like that!

November 23, 2010

Japanese Song: Furusato (My Hometown)

Courtesy of my brother-in-law.

Usagi o-i-shi kano yama, (We used to chase wild hares in the mountain.)
Kobuna tsurishi kano kawa, (We used to fish in those rivers.)
Yume wa i-ma mo megurite, (The dream still appears even now.)
Wasure-gataki furusato. (The hometown we cannot forget.)

Ikani umasu chichi-haha, (How are you doing, Father and Mother?)
Tsutsuganashi ya tomogaki, (I hope you are well, my friends.)
Ame ni kaze ni tsuketemo, (In rain or wind,)
Omo-i-i-zuru furusato. (We still think of our hometown.)

Kokorozashi o hatashite, (After we finished what we went out to do.)
I-tsunohinika kar-e-an, (We would like to come back one day.)
Yama wa a-o-ki furusato, (The mountain is green in my hometown.)
Mizu wa kiyoki furusato. (The river is clear in my hometown.)


November 06, 2010

Teacher Burn Out

This week has been a REALLY busy week. Here is the schedule:
Tuesday - Field trip to a play 'Cinderella' (from 8:30am to 12noon)
Wednesday - Hajj Simulation (from 11:30am to 12noon)
Thursday - Class Spelling Bee (during language arts period)
Friday - Worked as the 4th grade teacher (Homeroom teacher attended one-day workshop)

Honestly, I was quite worried on Monday when the homeroom teacher told me she would be attending a one-day workshop on Friday. All week I was thinking strategies to manage 29 4th graders with a substitute teacher. All praise be to Allah SWT yesterday went by without any major hiccups. All students followed directions and earned the chance to play the game 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.'

On Wednesday I spoke to the homeroom teacher about how she knows all her students so well, both academically and characteristics. She said that because of the time and energy devoted to students, many good teachers get burn out easily. That is why she always try to spend quality time on the weekends with her family.

Here are 20 insights from a 17th-year veteran teacher about things that teachers ought to be doing to prevent burn out:
  1. Take care of your body
  2. Avoid whiners
  3. Get more sleep
  4. Accept imperfection from yourself
  5. Don’t expect to make everyone happy
  6. Don’t abuse your sick days, but do use them
  7. Relax more
  8. Have trusted friends who can smack you upside the head when needed
  9. Be sure you have long term disability insurance in place before you need it
  10. Have some sort of adequate health insurance
  11. Don’t waste time worrying
  12. If you’re single, take some risks
  13. Always have a backup career plan for if things don’t work out
  14. Don’t be too proud to seek advice from others
  15. Sometimes writing things out is among the best therapy
  16. The logical solution is often the best, but not always
  17. Don’t make monumental life decisions in periods of emotional distress
  18. Don’t let Christmas, spring break, and summer be your only down time
  19. Have patience with yourself and others
  20. Not every situation in life requires an immediate diagnosis and prescription