Life's like that!

August 15, 2011


Last week, DD1 told husband that 'Mama only buy me junk toys, I never get new toys.'

This is not the first time I heard her said that. And I have gently explained to DD1 about her attitude after I give myself time-out to chill.

I have bought brand new educational toys e.g. Knex, Mu-Lan doll, jigsaw puzzles, Marble Run etc. to play with her. The times when I did so were when she successfully memorized verses from the Holy Qur'an, being responsible for taking care of her toys, following directions and being exceptionally helpful.

Ok, I also bought gently used board games and electronic handheld games from thrift stores because they are in relatively good condition. Whenever I buy those gently used games with DD1, I would explain to her that we are doing our part to recycle and reuse things that that we can make this world a better place. After that she would happily say that she is proud to recycle and reuse things.

I understand that kids will want to keep testing parents' limits and demand to have all the toys in the world, but it is up to husband and I to be consistent and patient with them. I do not believe in raising my children to have the sense of entitlement. I always remind DD1 that we are entitled to only good food, clean water, safe housing and warm clothes because we need these essential items to survive. She may whine when she sees a toys she wants for about 5 seconds, but she'll just give up and agree that we have enough toys at home.

My mother did not raise me up to be a spoiled brat, so I am not about to do that to my own children.