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May 13, 2012

Mythmatical Battles - A fun way to learn the time tables

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Mythmatical Battles is a dueling card game for two players or two teams. It blends mythology and multiplication to create an innovative game which lets kids drill multiplication while engaging in epic mythological battles. 

Each player uses his own Mythmatical Battles Deck, with 55 cards featuring gods, heroes, and monsters from Greek, Celtic, Norse, or Egyptian mythology. Every card has one multiplication equation for its attack strength and one equation for its defense strength. A single deck contains all the multiplication equations from 1x1 to 9x9.

The players take turns drawing cards from their decks, placing them face-up to the "Field" (known to grown-ups as the table, desk, or floor), and challenging their opponent's cards.  The card with the highest product wins.  But look out --Magic and Weapon cards can change card strengths, and weaker cards can team up to conquer a powerful card.

Each defeated opponent's card goes into the player's "Plunder" pile. The game ends when one player's deck is exhausted. The player with the most cards in her "Plunder" pile when the game ends, wins.

A full deck game takes 45 minutes to play. Or you can play time limit games to fit into a busy class or home schedule. To win a time limit game the person with the most cards in his "Plunder" pile when time's up wins.

Mythmatical Battles is designed for kids in the 3rd to 7th grade. Any kid (and there are millions) who's played with other dueling cards will quickly catch on to the rules of Mythmatical Battles, but, in the process, they'll learn classic mythology and rock solid math.