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July 06, 2013

White Bobwhite Quails

This morning, husband and I brought the kids to the animal farm to buy quails. We miss the chirping sound of the cute birds since the last one was sadly killed by a raccoon. We bought five female white bobwhite quails and they are staying in temporary housing until husband can build a bigger coop for all of them. This time, we are determined to build a predator-proof house for them so that they can enjoy their new life safely and productively, Allah SWT willing.

Snowflake and Snow White (named by DD1) chilling out in the critter cage that belonged to my twin sister's previous pet hamster, Fred.

Three other female quails hanging out in the guinea pig cage. DD1 is still thinking of names for them.

I made this quail feeder after following simple instructions from

Bought a bigger water container for the five chicks.

Three chicks dust bathing to cool down in the sizzling 98 degree F heat!

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