Life's like that!

May 26, 2011

School is out... or not...

Yesterday was the last day of final exams for all students.

Already they are getting restless. Right now until next Tuesday, all homeroom and subject teachers are basically babysitting students because there will be no more instructional lessons. Many teachers will be taking advantage of the beautiful weather and let students play on the basketball court or the playground. Since yesterday, the 4th grade teacher let students bring their own board games to play in class. Tomorrow, we will be holding an award ceremony for the 4th graders to recognize students for their academic achievements. Since parents are invited to attend this ceremony, several groups of students will be performing plays, songs, and puppet shows.

Next Tuesday is the last school day for students while teachers work through Friday. I can't wait for school to be over so that I can take quiet afternoon naps with DD1 and DD2 at home. When the baby is here in mid-August, Allah SWT willing, there will be no restful naps for me.