Life's like that!

May 19, 2011

Ten things to take with you on the plane

Seven years ago, when I worked at a university as a librarian, I attended conferences in Chicago, Maryland, Houston and Massechusetts. On these trips, I packed several essential items on the plane to keep me busy.

Here is a list from this web site that include some of the items that are considered essential for me:

1. Laptop computer (Did not bring because I prefer to travel light.)
2. Sleep aid (Did not need this because I was too excited about the trips to fall asleep.)
3. Ear plugs (Noise on the plane did not bother me.)
4. Sudoku (I prefer to play tetris on my cell phone.)
5. Snack (Cookies, cough drops, granola bar etc.)
6. Spare clothes (Just in case I need a change of clothes.)
7. Train reaction (I might need this when traveling with kids now.)
8. Pen/pencil (I love to write letters on the plane, so this is a must for me.)
9. Music player (Not important for me if the flight is less than 2 hours long. But if longer than that, then I will listen to Chinese songs by Jay Chou, Teresa Teng etc.)
10. Book (I definitely need to bring at least two books on the plane because that will be the only place when I can read uninterrupted.)