Life's like that!

December 23, 2011

My dream job

I am leaving my dream job today.

Since Nov. 22nd,  I have been subbing for the school librarian in the school library. She had a car accident and needed to take medical leave for a broken leg bone. It was shocking for us to hear about the extent of her injury. Due to the fact that the library serves pre-K to high school students, library programs and services have to continue despite her absence. So I stepped in to sub for her as I am the only one in the school who is able to do so.

It is a dream come true.

For the last few weeks, I have been directing elementary and middle school students to perform in short plays during library time. I also collaborated with language arts teachers to have students write reflection essays. For pre-K students, I read aloud funny stories, recited nursery rhymes and fingerplay, and got them to do art projects. I now know that my true passion lies in making the library come alive for students.

During this time, I struggled with the idea of quitting my 'real' job - process documentation, performance measurement and school website management so that I can work in a librarian position. After much thought, I realized that I am too connected to the school to work elsewhere at this time. I also appreciate the opportunity to be close to DD1 and be there whenever she needs me.

With effect from Jan. 2nd, a substitute teacher who has some library management experience will work in the library until the school librarian returns to work in mid January. She has started working in the library this week so that I can guide her in conducting library programs and using the library management system.

Allah SWT willing, I might run a summer library program for DD1 and her friends. Maybe this will help me to vent my librarian energy in a meaningful and productive way.