Life's like that!

May 27, 2012

Successful Fundraising

Last night, I volunteered at a fundraising dinner for the building expansion project while husband watched the kids at home.

All praise be to Allah SWT, the event ran smoothly and on time. About $80K was raised by the time it ended at 9pm. Here are some lessons that I learned from observing the event organizers.

Enthusiasm - The enthusiasm of all event organizers rubbed off on me positively. I felt energized and eager to get to my work area. I also felt that other volunteers and I were working together in an encouraging and productive way.

Willingness to trust in people's ability - No one was micromanaged throughout the event. The organizers trusted that people knew what they were doing and to put in their best efforts to manage their tasks well.

Challenge - If there is a more effective and efficient way to manage a task, then we were challenged to think about it and to follow through. Flexibility was definitely required to be able to come up with better procedures to get the same job done faster and accurately.

Although I was there at 2pm and stayed till 9pm, I did not feel exhausted a bit. With Allah SWT's blessing, I was able to play with DD1 and DD2 for one hour after I got home. Allah SWT willing, I hope to involve them in this type of fundraising activity when they get older.