Life's like that!

August 04, 2012

Article: Growing up with chickens: 5 things city kids learn by keeping a backyard flock

All kids who visited our backyard chickens love to hang out around the chickens and look out for the rare opportunity to find a freshly laid egg in the chicken coop or compost bin. This article reinforces my belief to raise backyard chickens for the benefit of the next generation. Allah SWT willing I will continue to keep live chickens as long as possible.

'I would love to raise my kids on a farm. For a lot of reasons, that’s not going to happen. Like the majority of Americans I’m tethered to the city. But that doesn’t mean my children (9, 7, and 5 years old) can’t learn some of the lessons that farm kids take for granted.

Enter chickens.

Turns out a small flock of hens in the backyard can go a long way towards exposing children to things most city dwellers only get to read about in books. The concepts of natural cycles, environmental stewardship, biology, and our place in nature are no longer abstractions for my kids. Thanks to a small coop and a few chickens, these types of things have become concrete realities.
In particular, their feathered teachers have taught them five key lessons:

1. Where their food really comes from

2. Natural cycles

3. Our dependence on the countryside

4. How to treat each other

5. Life and death

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