Life's like that!

June 15, 2013

New Chicken Coop

Since we have been losing chickens to the cunning raccoons, I asked husband to rebuild the chicken coop.  The existing one is not as secure as we thought it to be, so he agreed to get it done this weekend.

 I helped husband dismantle part of the old chicken coop while he was nailing chicken wire to the new one. It took him about 8 hours to get the new one up to this stage.

 This part of the new chicken coop will be their roosting area.

I put the nesting box on an old towel rack so that it will stay dry and above ground level.

Allah SWT willing, husband will finish getting the new chicken coop ready for the ladies.

The new chicks have been moved into the old quail cage, so they have more space to roam around. DD1 and DD2 have been asking to touch them, but I keep reminding them the chicks are living things, not toys for our amusement. This afternoon, I let them pet the calm and demure Rhode Island Red hen, so they are little happier. I bet the kids will be happy to feed some cabbage to the ladies during this summer.