Life's like that!

June 25, 2013

New Nesting Box

The old nesting box has been used by the chickens for more than two years. Since it is made of wood, I don't think we were able to disinfect it entirely.  Last week, I found lice on the Rhode Island Red hen, so I decided to search online for alternative and cheap nesting boxes.

One of the videos posted on YouTube shows how to make a nesting box out of an 18 gallon box with lid.

This afternoon, I brought the kids to the thrift store and found one for less than three dollars! I immediately grabbed it and worked on it after we got home.

It took me about 5 minutes to set it up. I put the blue plastic egg in the new nesting box. Hopefully the ladies will like their new hideout!

Latest update @7:30pm - the Brown Leghorn hen laid an egg in front of the feeder. I placed it next to the blue plastic egg in the new nesting box.  Guess will have to give them a few days to get used to laying in the new location.