Life's like that!

July 20, 2013

New Brown Coturnix Quails

On Wednesday, we went to the animal farm t get five brown coturnix quails to add to our current flock of five white bobwhite quails.

One of the white bobwhite quails started pecking at all the brown quails, so I thought it was having a Quail-Zilla (think Godzilla) meltdown. I had no choice but to remove it from the quail cage when one of the brown quail's head feathers were mostly pecked off. Yesterday I heard it crowing loudly, that's when I realized 'she' is actually a 'he'.

Is this a Quail-Zilla? No! It's Quail-Hulk!
The unfortunate brown quail 'Princess", whose head feathers are mostly pecked off, is in her own cozy cage so that she can have time for new feathers to grow back. This is for her own safety because other quails will peck at her bare skin until she bleeds and then they will peck her to death.
Featherback's mate, Princess
Although I asked the store owner to get five females, one of the turned out to be a 'he' when I saw him mounting on other females and crowing as soon as I put them in the quail cage when we got home. DD1 and my niece decided to name him 'Featherback".

Featherback, alpha male of the quails
I do not intend to return the male quails to the store because I find them fascinating and adorable. Husband thinks that they crow too loudly, so is not very happy about it. Allah SWT willing, I might need to put some sound proof materials to cut down on the noise level.