Life's like that!

July 14, 2013

New Quail House

Welcome home, friends!

Last night, husband and I spent 3 hours to put this triangular prism shaped quail house together in the kitchen. Yup, the mosquitoes in the backyard were so unbearable that we decided to do it in the kitchen. Naturally, the kids wanted to help out in this project so we had a hard time getting them to stay away.

It is made up of six metal frames that were left behind by the landlord. The base perimeter is about 2 feet by 5 feet. We used over fifty zip ties to secure the metal frames and 1/2 inch hardware wire. Once we covered the three sides with hardware wire, husband cut open a 1 feet by 2 feet open in one of the metal frames. He then used metal clips to secure a metal gate onto the hardware wire. The metal clips were once used for clipping curtains onto a metal rod while the metal gate is part of an animal pen that was used for my pet guinea pigs many years ago. One top of the quail house, husband secured a 5 feet metal rod onto it so that we can use it to lift the quail house to a greener pasture. This metal rod used to be part of an Ikea cloth rack.

Allah SWT willing, our quails will have a protected living area from the dangers of raccoon, dogs or cats. Right now, the quail house is situated facing the kitchen windows so that I can check on them.

I am pleased that husband and I re-purposed most of the items for this project. We do not want to waste money on materials that we can salvage.