Life's like that!

March 30, 2011

Now that excuse sounds familiar...

As a teacher's assistant, part of my job responsibilities include checking homework submission. Here is a list of lame excuses, in no particular order, that I've heard from students who did not hand in homework so far this year: 1. I gave it to you just now. 2. My cousin tore it when he came to my house on Saturday/Sunday. 3. I can't find it. 4. It is not in my bag/house/locker. 5. I didn't get it. 6. I gave it to the other teacher. 7. I left it on the table. 8. I forget where it is./I don't know where it is. 9. I lost it. 10. I left it on my table last night after I did it. Usually those who do not bring in homework with the above excuses get an email to their parents and lose a chance to play the Homeworkopoly. If these two methods don't work, recess and/or lunch detention usually helps them remember to turn in homework the next day, miraculously.