Life's like that!

February 13, 2011

Chinese Lion Dance

Yesterday morning, husband and I brought DD1 and DD2 to an oriental supermarket in Arlington to get grocery.

Before we entered the store, we saw a group of teenagers dressed in Chinese Lion Dance costume getting ready for a Lion Dance. I heard them conversing with one another in Vietnamese so I think they are Vietnamese-Chinese descendents. Husband brought DD2 into the store to get fruits and vegetables while I stayed with DD1 to watch the performance. DD1 was very excited to watch the exciting Lion Dance. When the beatings of drums and clashing of cymbols were too loud for her, she was not afraid of the noise at all. After the show, she asked me if we could make a Lion dance costume. I told her that I would try my best to make it for her.

During the performance, I remembered when I was young I had watched this type of performance with my family in Chinatown, Singapore. I miss those days when I spent time with my family and was quite emotional about it for a short time.

This summer, my dear sister and her family plan to visit family and friends in Singapore. Unfortuately I will not be able to make the trip with them. Allah SWT willing I hope that they will have a safe and enjoyable trip.