Life's like that!

April 11, 2011

Back to container gardening

Yesterday, I brought DD1 and DD2 to the nearby garden center.

I bought 2 cubic feet of garden soil, 1 Chinese eggplant seedling and a bottle of slow-release fertilizers for flowers and vegetables.

Due to the pending birth of baby #3 in August, I decided to go back to container gardening this summer. I thought about the effort and time needed to weed the vegetable garden in the backyard, and realized that husband would not have the time nor energy to keep up with it since he will be taking care of two kids, chickens/quail, rabbit and guinea pig.

DD1 helped to sow some okra and green bean seeds into pots that I moved from the backyard to the front porch. I also repotted rosemary, sage and thyme since they need more space for their roots. All praise be to Allah SWT, I am now 5 months pregnant and still able to handle light gardening.

Now the only gardening chore will be weekly light weeding and daily watering. Allah SWT willing I will let DD1 help with these easy chores.