Life's like that!

April 02, 2011

Ah Choo!

All praise be to Allah SWT, all of us are recovering well from the cold/flu. Yesterday, the babysitter said that DD2 finally smiled at her for the first time since Wednesday. This means that she has recovered from the cold that started last Thursday. DD1 slept more than usual, but she was also more energetic after she woke up. Husband's ear infection is going away and he is also recovering from a cold. My chest congestion is easing and I am able to sleep better at night. The only health problem I have now is allergies. Itchy, watery and red eyes are something I am not looking forward to have when I am pregnant. I cannot take any allergy medicine and just have to tough it out. Allah SWT willing I hope that by eating more garlic and putting a cut onion on the kitchen counter top will help to ease this problem. Read about how onions can help you to fight infections. >Benefits of Onions for Cold and Flu Symptoms