Life's like that!

June 22, 2011

Shiny Teeth

Last Sunday, I checked DD1's teeth and found gum inflammation. My mother has always been an advocate for healthy dental habits and making regular visits to the dentist, so I became influenced by her to make sure my kids have healthy teeth.

Yesterday I called the nearby dentist office to schedule an appointment for DD1. All praise be to Allah SWT, the dentist had an empty slot this morning. After I confirmed the appointment, I coached DD1 on how to behave at the dentist office, and what to expect from her first dentist visit. She said that although she was scared, she'll feel safe when I am there with her.

After I paid for the dental cleaning fee, the hygienist checked DD1's teeth and gum. She is really good with talking to young children and was very patient with DD1. All praise be to Allah SWT, the gum inflammation occurred at the back of her teeth, so it took about 10 minutes to have her teeth checked and cleaned. After that, the dentist came to check out DD1's teeth and said that she has good healthy teeth. I was so relieved to hear that because I thought it will be costly to have her teeth cleaned. The hygienist gave DD1 a goody bag consisting of a toothbrush, tooth paste and floss. DD1 also got a whistle as a surprise gift and proudly showed it to husband when he came home from work.

Now DD1 does not want to eat as much candy, and wants to rinse her mouth after eating. She also want to keep her teeth 'shiny' so that she can have good teeth to eat her favorite fruit e.g. apple, blueberries, strawberries etc. Allah SWT willing, I am glad that she is not hook on candy and hopefully she'll have good 'grownup' teeth after the baby teeth fall off.