Life's like that!

June 19, 2011

Lake Grapevine

This morning, husband and I brought the kids to the Bass Pro Shop to look at fishing and camping equipment. We were quite in awe of the size of this store and the huge inventory of hunting, boating, fishing and camping items sold at this store. We spent about one and half hours there looking around.

Then we brought the kids to the nearby Lake Grapevine so that we could explore the camping area in the Meadowmere Park. To camp at the Meadowmere Park, there is a overnight fee of $22. It is cheaper to park the car at this park for $5 if we want to let the kids swim in the lake. After visiting Meadowmere Park, we drove to the nearby Lakeview Park. While DD2 took a nap and I rested in the car, husband and DD1 rolled up their pants and playing in a shallow part of the lake at the park. All praise be to Allah SWT, they had a good time but we had to leave at around 2pm so that husband can get some rest before going back to work tomorrow.

On the way home, husband and I agreed that bringing the kids to these parks on the weekends and letting them swim in the lake would be fun. Besides, there is no entrance fees to these parks and restrooms are available for visitors. Since he is currently busy with a project, we'll have to wait until maybe next week before we can hang out at Lake Grapevine. Allah SWT willing, I hope we can spend some family time at these beautiful parks before the baby is here.