Life's like that!

August 17, 2011

Why I became a nurse

After my c-section, I did a quick survey of the nurses who took care of me about why they decided to become nurses.

Nurse Cathie: Her best friend was a nurse, so she thought that it was pretty cool to go into nursing school after college. There are eight other family members who are also working as nurses.

Nurse Marlene: Her brother had cancer several years ago, and she was touched by the kindness and compassion that the nurses showed towards the patients and their families. So she wanted to do the same for other sick people.

Nurse Stephanie 1: Her dad works as a surgical nurse, so eventually she wants to work her way up to the surgical department too.

Nurse Marion: She worked as a nurse aide for a few years, so the next step for her career path is to work as a nurse.

Nurse Stephanie 2: She worked at the same hospital in the administration department, and felt that she wants to have a career change. So she finished nursing school as a part-time student and has never looked back since.

Two nurses are from the Republic of Congo, but I did not have time to find out more about them because I was quite drowsy whenever they came to check my vital signs.

On the last night of my hospital stay, I told one of the nurses that I used to work as a librarian. She started to tell me about how she has trouble getting her second son, who is in 6th grade, to read more books. I shared some ideas with her e.g. role modeling reading with her children, getting spy theme books that might interest her son since he wants to be an investigator when he grows up, and getting additional resources from the public library etc. She thanked me for the ideas and said that she will try them on her kid.

I just love it when I get the chance to encourage people read with their children.