Life's like that!

May 19, 2012

All I need is patience...

I am praying that Allah SWT grant me the patience to deal with the trouble at school.

Last year this time, when the 4th grade teacher encouraged me to apply for the school administrator position at the school, I did it because I truly appreciated her confidence in me to contribute to the school's success. This year has been an eye-opening experience for me. I saw, up close and personal, how power struggle, lack of people skills and disorganization from top management can cause so much grief for teachers, staff and students.

One of the experienced and dedicated teacher, who is also a close friend of mine, is actively seeking employment elsewhere because she could no longer deal with this dysfunctional workplace. Another experienced and outspoken teacher is also seeking early retirement due to this.

Husband has tried to convince me to quit and work elsewhere where I will not be exhausted by this type of mindless stress. I am so tempted to do so, but when I think of the warm greetings from students, sincere appreciation of my co-workers for my hard work and the close proximity to DD1, I told him that I will stay as long as I can mentally handle the stress.

For next school year, I indicated on the intent to return form that I would like to go back to the classroom as an assistant teacher or be assigned non-core teaching subjects. I really have no interest to be a part of the drama in the school administration, and Allah SWT knows my sincere intention to serve hardworking teachers and precious students in the most effective and efficient way.

This past week, I have been staying home with the kids because they contracted hand, foot and mouth disease. I am thankful that I can take off from work to enjoy some quality time with them and get away from the stress.

I am praying that Allah SWT grant me the patience to deal with the trouble at school.