Life's like that!

June 23, 2012

A simple gesture goes a long way

After watching several Korean dramas with husband during the last two weeks, I finally have the chance to get grocery at a Korean grocery store with DD1. She was quite excited to have the chance to visit the store too.

When I entered the store, I didn't see anyone at the register, so I decided to wait till we check out to greet the Korean cashier with "annyeong haseyo" which means "hello" in Korean.

I bought vegetables and Korean made spoon, fork and chopsticks for DD1 and DD2. The lady was quite surprised to hear me speak Korean when I saw her, and for a moment I thought I pronounced the words incorrectly.

Before we left the store, I thanked the Korean lady with the greeting "kamsahamida" and she looked happy to hear that. As we were leaving the store, she quickly handed me a roll of candy!

I am so relieved that I had the courage to speak Korean at the store because I was afraid that I would not say those words correctly. Allah SWT willing, I hope that this will show DD1 that as long as we are not afraid to try, we will be able to accomplish something that we can be proud of.