Life's like that!

June 14, 2012

Homeschooling during Summer

Summer is finally here! All praise be to Allah SWT, I have been staying home with the kids since this Monday, and have been loving every minute of it!

Since I don't want to fall in to the back habit of taking two daily naps for two months and I also want DD1 to practice her reading and math skills to get ready for 1st grade, I decided to implement a homeschooling schedule for DD1. This is the timetable that I have planned.

8:00am - Breakfast / Yoga
9:00am - Backyard Safari
10:00am - Reading, Writing, Arabic
11:00am - Cooking and lunch
12:00pm - Center Time (puzzle, Lego, Knex, kitchen)
1:00pm - Math
2:00pm - Art and Craft
3:00pm - Science Experiment / Arabic
 4:00pm - Free Time
5:00pm - Free Time
6:00pm - Dinner
7:00pm - Chinese
So far this schedule has been working well for us. I do not reinforce the time table if I think DD1 needs more time for any particular activities.

 Along with DD1, I also have three other students participating in these activities. I have put them in charge of preparing lunch for all of us since Monday, and here is the menu they have planned:

Monday - Potato, carrot and onion soup with beef and rice
Tuesday - Baked chicken with roasted vegetables
Wednesday - Stir-fried rice with eggs and vegetables
Thursday - Stir-fried noodle with vegetables and shrimp
Friday - Pizza

All praise be to Allah SWT, they did very well with cutting vegetables and cooking noodles. Since we use oyster sauce and soy sauce for seasoning, everyone loves the way the food tasted. I can't wait to taste what's for lunch next week.