Life's like that!

June 15, 2013

Vegetable Garden - Summer 2013

My dear twin sister in Ohio has been bugging asking me to post photos of the vegetable garden. I finally decided to get it done just now.

This year, I started planting the seeds in early May because I was busy focusing on my teaching job. I thought of giving up gardening this summer, but my fingers were yearning to feel the soft soil and I couldn't stop dreaming of harvesting fresh vegetables from the garden. So on an early Saturday, I bought a bag of potting mix and spent about two hours preparing the pots for the seeds. Three years ago, I kept packets of vegetable seeds in the fridge and prayed that they will still sprout later. All praise be to Allah SWT, all of the seeds sprouted without fail!

The seedlings in the potting trays are Thai chill peppers. The ones in the bigger pots are eggplants which husband loves to eat. The green bean plants are growing well in the rectangular pots on the right side. DD1 is helping me to water the plants as and when needed. She is excited about growing these vegetables checking their growth. I am sure the chickens are keeping an eye on the vegetable garden gate. I better double check that it is secure every day in case the ladies get to feast on these yummy treats.