Life's like that!

July 20, 2011

Praying for a smooth delivery

Baby #3 will be delivered via scheduled c-section. Allah SWT willing.

I have thought about trying VBAC again, but I decided that I have no energy to put up another fight. After 17 hours of laboring for DD2, the physical pain and mental trauma is still fresh in my body, mind and soul. I am thankful that DD2 was born without much mishap, and she is a healthy and happy toddler. Although it makes me cringe to think about the physical pain of recovering from the c-section, I guess this is the price I am ready to pay for the sake of my child's well-being. I do hope that my dear sister can come to stay with me after the delivery. It is during the difficult time of recovery from DD1 and DD2's delivery that I truly appreciate my family's care and presence.

After DD2 was born, husband said that it was unbearable for him to see me go through the labor pain, and he almost couldn't take the emotional stress of watching me suffering. I guess although he doesn't say it up front to me, he is trying to convey his love for me in his own way.

Allah SWT willing, I pray that baby #3 will be delivered smoothly, and he does not get jaundice so much so that he has to stay in the hospital for a week like DD2.