Life's like that!

July 16, 2011

Kindergarten Supplies List

With the baby will be here in mid-August and DD1's first day of school is on September 5th, we decided to get her school supplies ready in advance. DD1 is quite excited to get ready for school.

This morning, we went shopping at the nearby office supplies store and supermarket..All praise be to Allah SWT, we found most of the items required on the list:

#2 pencils, eraser, scissors, glue sticks, crayon and washable markers.
Spiral notebooks, color index cards, construction and manila paper.
Plastic folders with pockets and brads.
Baby wipes, tissue paper boxes, ziplock bags, paper plates and antibacterial spray.

The only things that we need to buy is writing picture tablet and DD1's school uniform. Allah SWT willing we'll get them next weekend.

On one hand I am proud and thankful that my first born will be going to school, on the other hand her strong sense of independence made me wish that she would not grow up so fast. Such is the dilemma of any parent who love their children.