Life's like that!

August 25, 2011

Back-to-School Day

The back-to-school night that is scheduled for tonight has been postponed to this Sunday at 11:30am. Husband will be bringing DD1 to meet her teacher and maybe drop off her school supplies.

I have been 'advising' DD1 to be the best helper that she can be in class, and to be a good listener to all her teachers. Allah SWT willing I hope that she will be the best student that she can be in school.

I am going back to work on October 3rd, so I will pick DD1 up from school while husband drops her off in the morning. I hope I will be able to help DD1 with her reading while I am nursing DS. Based on last year's experience with nursing DD2, I know that I will feel tired from nursing the baby and juggling housework.

I am still hoping that my dear sister will come to help see the baby before I go back to school.