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August 01, 2011

Hear Myself Sound Phone

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In 2007 I worked at the school as a Librarian, Sr. Sakina, a first grade teacher told me about Hear Myself Sound Phone that she would love to purchase for her students to use during reading.

Product Description: This ingenious, fun-to-use phone lets children hear themselves talkā€¦so kids can really focus on every sound they say! Perfect for exploring letter sounds, phoneme blending, sound manipulation and more, the molded plastic phone is sized just for kids, with a lightweight, easy-grip handle.

This morning, husband and I brought the kids to Lakeshore Learning Store to check out their school supplies. Since this item is on sale, I bought one for DD1 and immediately she finds it fascinating to hear herself reciting the Qu'ran.

Allah SWT willing, I am going to let her use this device to learn to read to herself whenever I am busy with the two little ones.

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