Life's like that!

August 27, 2011

No more cable telly!

After more than one and half years, we are finally ABLE to get rid of cable tv.

When we moved to our current location, there was only one internet service provider (ISP). In order to subscribe to high speed internet due to husband's work, we have to get the cable tv bundled in the package. Early this week, husband found out that another ISP can provide us internet connection and phone service without cable tv. I almost jump for joy when I heard that and we both agreed that we want to drop cable tv.

The only channels that I'll miss are Discovery Fit and Health, Food Network and HGTV. Husband will miss shows on BBC America Channel which include Top Gear, Dr. Who, Star Trek and Stargate. He will also miss watching Sci-Fi movies on the SyFy channel. I told DD1 she will no longer be able to watch Nick Jr. and she seems to be fine with that. I know that she will be able to go on the Nick Jr/ web site to watch free episodes.

One thing we won't miss is the hundred bucks we've been paying to the previous ISP. Now we'll be able to save that extra money every month!