Life's like that!

August 08, 2011

DS's birth timeline

All praise be to Allah SWT, it's been a really nice surprise to have DS join us two weeks prior to his scheduled c-section. Here is the timeline of his birth on Thursday, Aug. 4th.

3:00am - Contraction pain started at 5 minutes interval. Pain got worse with every contraction.
3:30am - Husband woke up and I told him to get ready to go to the hospital.
4:00am - Called the labor & delivery department, told the nurse about the contractions. She told me to check in immediately. Husband carried DD1 and DD2 to the car, and we left home.
4:30am - Checked into the L&D department.
4:45am -  Nurse checked my cervix and confirmed that I am 2cm dilated.
5:00am - Called the babysitter to inform her about the delivery. Husband drove the kids to her house, about 20 minutes away.
5:45am - Husband got back to the hospital.
6:00am - OB doctor said she will proceed with the c-section.
6:30am - Pushed to the OR for spinal aneasthesia.
7:05am - DS was born! When I heard him cry, I immediately thought of my mother and cried. How I wish she was here with us.

8:10am - I woke up and felt so drowsy. Started to throw up about every 2 hours, so I requested for nausea medicine. Nurse told me DS has a Apgar score of 8/9, very thankful that he is healthy.

The rest of the day passed by quickly as I was so tired and sleepy from the surgery. Husband picked up the kids from the babysitter at around 3pm. DD1 was quite excited about her new baby brother while DD2 wanted to cling to husband all the time. It'll take a while for DD2 to accept DS into the family, I guess.