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August 28, 2011

Keeping away the blues

Just took an online postpartum depression test.

My result:

Total Score = 6
Total Score Analysis
The total score is below the typical score for a major depressive episode.

Husband is going back to work tomorrow, but will take Tuesday off to celebrate the end of the Islamic month of fasting.

All praise be to Allah SWT he has been a great help around the house since the birth of DS. I haven been blessed to have a loving husband who takes good care of me and the kids. He has been taking care of diaper duties, feeding, bathing the girls and letting me rest as much as I need during my confinement. He has been fasting since August 1st for more than 12 hours per day, and taking sinus congestion medicine since last week. His love and devotion has certainly helped to keep the postpartum blues away.

Allah SWT willing I hope I can keep up with taking care of the three kids on my own before I go back to work in October.

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