Life's like that!

September 20, 2011

Philisophy about Friends

My dear sister's friend in Singapore, whom she has known since 1984, is visiting her while she is in the US on a business trip.

I am glad that my sister has been keeping close contact with her friends since she left, and she gets to get visits from them now and then. Since I came here nine years ago, I have been keeping in touch with only my family and a good girlfriend whom I have known since we were classmates in junior college. All praise be to Allah SWT, I am blessed to have the chance to make friends with really nice people from different countries, namely Malaysia, Morocco, Afghanistan,Tunisia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Egypt, China, Somalia, New Zealand and the United States. My philosophy about friends is that if I were to hang around people with good morals regardless of their ethnicity and religion, I will be influenced to be like them.

Allah SWT willing I hope that my kids will get to know really good people and keep them in their lifes as they grow old. After all, there is a Chinese saying,

'At home, we depend on our parents for support.
In the society, we depend on our friends.'