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October 12, 2011

Behavior Chart - Three Color Traffic System

Yesterday, when I was assisting in the 1st grade classroom, I noticed that the teacher uses a traffic system for students to monitor their own behavior.

She placed cloth pins for all students next to the green light. Every day all students start off from the green light. When a student is out of line e.g. not following directions, not keeping hands and feet to him/herself etc., she moves the student's cloth pin next to the yellow light (warning). Should the student chooses to continue his/her inappropriate behavior, she moves the cloth pin to the red light (consequences). When that happens, the student loses his/her privilege e.g. no craft activity, sit on bench at the playground etc. This system works well for Pr-kindergarten to 3rd grade students.

I just made a similar chart to use it on DD1. Now that she is 5 years old, all praise be to Allah SWT, she knows quite well about the behavior rules at home. I think this visual reminder will help her to be more independent in her self-monitoring awareness.

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