Life's like that!

September 26, 2011

The Runaway Bunny

This morning, when I was dumping scrap veggies into the compost bin, I saw the bunny OUTSIDE its cage.

I almost freaked out.

When she saw me, she didn't hop away immediately. Instead of catching her, I inspected the hutch and found several cable fasteners that were used to tie the wire flooring are missing. I think they could have been chewed away by the bunny. Anyway, I tried to catch the bunny but with no success. After running all over the backyard, I still couldn't even grab any bunny fur. So I went to the patio and took the guinea pig cage to trap the bunny. At last it worked!

Right now, the little lady is staying inside the guinea pig until husband comes back to fix her hutch. Until then, I'll pamper her with extra crunchy carrots and yummy veggies.