Life's like that!

September 26, 2011

Book Worms

Yesterday afternoon, husband and I brought the kids to Fort Worth Downtown.

Our original plan was to bring them to the Fort Worth Water Garden, but I forgot to download the directions. So instead of driving around aimlessly, we decided to hang out at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore and Fort Worth Public Library (Central Branch).

At the bookstore, I brought DD1 around and we went to the children's section on the second floor while husband took care of DD2 and DS. I really like the quiet and comfy atmosphere in there. We bought a flowery pencil case and a Ticker Bell pen for DD1 because she did all her homework well last week.

We then headed to the public library as it was only a 3 minutes walk away. It was a coincident that two jazz musicians were performing at the public library. We stayed for about one hour listening to them perform nice songs such as If I had a hammer, Yellow Bird, Killing me softly with his song etc. Since DS's milk was about to run out, we left at about 3pm. DD1 had such a great time that she didn't want to g home. Before we left, we bought the book 'Olivia' at the library resale store. All praise be to Allah SWT, we parked the car right between the bookstore and public library, so it was easy to remember where to look for the car when we were leaving.

After we got home, I decided to bring DD1 to the nearby public library to check out some card making books for myself. DD1 also wanted to check out books for herself. When I told husband about this, he asked, 'You just went to a library, and now you are going to another again?' To that I replied, 'Well, you married a librarian. What do you expect?'

(Here is a secret: I am trying to convince DD1 to be a librarian, so this is part of my plan to get her hooked on books.)