Life's like that!

October 05, 2011

Busy like a bee

Today is my third day back to work, but I already feel like I never left the school.

Since Monday, I've been getting hugs from former 4th grade students whenever they saw me. It's great to be back to work and get to hang out with teachers and students. I am now working in the computer lab, but may have to move when the new part-time technical support person is hired.

Today, we started the Wednesday Winners drawing when two teachers are picked to receive goody bags. Students always root for their teachers, and teachers feel extra special to win prizes.

I'm still nursing DS, so when I have free time, I would express breastmilk in the restroom. Allah SWT willing I'm hoping that I can nurse DS for at least six months.

Apart from maintaining the school website, I am also the assistant teacher for two first grade classes. Each class has 24 students, and there are about 2-3 students who need extra help with class and homework. So my job is to coach these students. I enjoy giving individual attention to students and encouraging them to try their best.

Allah SWT willing I hope this school year goes smoothly and safely for everyone.