Life's like that!

October 09, 2011

Working from 6:30pm to 3:30pm

Last week was quite an interesting week for me. I felt comfortable to be back to work, even though I am taking on a whole different responsibility at the school.

I am now working from 6:30am till 3:30pm because I enjoy working early morning. Since I do not have any dismissal duty, I can pick up DD1 from the kindergarten classroom and go to the babysitter house to get DD2 and DS.We usually get home by 4pm and so have free time to hang out together before husband comes home at 6pm.

As I am still nursing DS, I experimented with expressing my breast milk before lunch, and felt that this worked for me. I try to remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day by bringing a water bottle along whenever I leave the computer lab.

I am now 'stationed' in the computer lab so that I can help out the Technology Application Teacher whenever needed since she has three large classes of about 28 students. I don't mind working in a busy environment because even at home, I usually turn on the radio for background sound.

Apart from the website, I am also assisting two first grade teachers for two periods, and taking on marketing and PR for the school.

On Saturday, we had a workshop on Professional Learning Community (PLC) and the speaker highly recommended the book "Learning by Doing" by Richard Dufour et. al. I quite enjoy the workshop because the presenter, who is a Muslim lady, was engaging. Allah SWT willing I think I'll get a used copy from Amazon to read about it.