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October 16, 2011

Library book sale

Yesterday, I brought DD1 to the public library to check out some videos.

Instead, we spent an hour at the library book sale.

All praise be to Allah SWT, I bought some Chinese books about how to work smarter. I also found a book 'Asian Health Secrets' by Letha Hadady.

This book seems to have a substantial amount of information about Chinese herbs because it is 512 pages thick! Here is the review on

This comprehensive work by an acupuncturist and herbalist brings the ancient knowledge of Chinese, Indian, and Tibetan herbal medicine to Westerners. Tools for self-diagnosis emphasize treating the person, rather than the illness, to ensure a healthy harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Herbs are recommended for a gamut of problems, ranging from eating disorders, arthritis, and PMS to sexual dysfunction and depression. Hadady tells how to prepare herbal remedies at home but also includes mail-order sources. A cross reference of herb names to their Chinese names and a general index and herb index are provided. This thorough volume is recommended as a definitive resource on Asian herbal medicine for popular alternative medicine collections. (Indexes not seen.)?Nancy Myers, Univ. of South Dakota Lib., Vermillion

Allah SWT willing, I hope to find time this week to read this book.

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