Life's like that!

November 23, 2011

Back to the Library

Last Thursday, we received the shocking and sad news that the librarian had a car accident. She was admitted into the hospital for a broken bone in her left leg.

On Sunday, I brought DD1 to visit her at the hospital. She looked tired and she said that she was in quite a bit of pain.

Yesterday morning during assembly, the principal announced to teachers and students that I will be subbing in the library so that students are able to check out books. I am glad that I can do that because I'll get to have fun with students in the library again!

When 5th grade students came to the library during the 2nd and 4th period, I printed funny skits for them to perform and used a rubric to grade each group's performance. After the performance, each student must complete a reflection report and to turn it in today. Students who forget to turn it in will get zero for classwork. I discussed with the language arts teacher to include this grade as part of their class work.

3rd grade students came and composed original poems in pairs. They were reminded not to use 'dead words' and I encouraged students to be creative. Each group must recite the poem in one voice so they must learn to listen to their partner's voice. I also worked with the language arts teacher to give students a grade for this activity.

Kindergarten students came during the last period, and I had a blast reciting rhymes to them. I got them to talk about their favorite Native American symbol and let them draw on an American Indian shield cutout. All praise be to Allah SWT,  I used the routine that I learned from the librarians who conducted storytime at the public library and it worked very well!
1. Opening: Five little monkeys swinging in the tree
2. Native American symbols
3. Rhyme: Two little pink birds flying in the cloud
4. Decorate an American Indian shield with your favorite symbol
5: Closing: My hands say thank you with a clap, clap, clap

Today, I'll have another group of kindergarten students coming to the library. Can't wait to see them!