Life's like that!

April 20, 2011

My girl is going to school

All praise be to Allah SWT, DD1 has been accepted into the school where I am working. Next school year, she will be attending kindergarten.

I am thankful that Allah SWT has given me DD1. She is a happy child and is learning to take on big responsibilities as an elder sister. She is also eager to explore the world around her and let her curiosity take her to new and interesting places.

So far I have not been tired of answering her million questions of why things happen; rather I have find it delightful to impart my knowledge to her, and prompt her to think about possible answers for her questions. Often I introduce new concepts in its simplest form when I think she is able to comprehend them. For example, when she asked if baby #3 is in my tummy, I told her that he is in my womb. And I explain to her that Allah SWT gave a womb to every woman for babies to grow. So now she knows that our stomach is for digesting food while a woman's womb is a home for babies.

I am thankful that DD1 has a fun-loving personality but knows when to be serious when it comes to getting work done. Last night, she helped me to fold laundry and we finished the task in 15 minutes. Although it took her a while to fold her pants and her sister's cloth diapers, she was happy that she could help around the house. Sometimes when I am preparing meals in the kitchen, she would play with her sister and make her laugh. I always try to praise DD1 with comments such as 'I am proud of you for playing puppets with your sister while I am busy.' or 'Allah is very happy with you for sharing your toys with your sister.' right after she did that.

Allah SWT willing I hope that through patience and guidance, I can cultivate a strong loving bond among my kids as they grow up together.