Life's like that!

September 06, 2011

First Day of School

Husband dropped off DD1 and her school supplies this morning at the school.

I almost cried when they left. Almost.

I don't know whether I'm too tired from nursing, or being distracted by DD2, that stopped the tears. While I would love to be there to see my firstborn sitting in her classroom in her new uniform, I just don't have the energy. I thought I would be able to fully appreciate the pride and joy to see my girl in school, but I guess not.

I arrived in school one hour earlier before school dismissal so that I can chat with the teachers. They were glad to see DS and DD2, and gave their congrats for the birth of DS. I am so happy to see the fourth grade teacher, Sr. Nuzhat. Her daughter just had a newborn girl and I am glad to hear that they are both doing well.

As I approach DD1's classroom, I wondered if she would run to me when she sees me or gives me a big hug. Well, she just said 'Mama' like she has never left home. On the way home, she could not stop telling me 'today is the best school day ever', and she likes her classroom, and she prayed with her teacher and classmates, and she finished her lunch, and on and on...

I'm glad that this chatty girl is ready for school.