Life's like that!

October 24, 2011

Sphere Shapes

This week, DD1 has a family fun project that requires us to look for sphere-shaped objects inside and outside the house.

This evening, we found:
1. a big red bouncing ball
2. a small squishy basketball
3. a hair band with green pearls
4. a globe shape pencil sharpener
5. a box of swirl glass marbles
6. a Winnie the Pooh rubber ball
7. a  small red plastic ball, and
8. a yellow ball that is in the rabbit's cage

After finding the objects, we drew pictures and wrote about the objects on pieces of white paper. I helped DD1 to make a booklet and used a blue ribbon to tie the pages togethers.

We really enjoy making this fun project together. Allah SWT willing maybe we can make a cone-shaped booklet later this week.