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November 26, 2011

Poem: Human Bone Hip Hop

Watch the animation here.

Human Bone Hip Hop
by Michael J. Doherty

The spinal column, that's your back
The sacrum bone is near the crack

The sternum is your center chest
The ribs are there to protect the rest

The humerus bone is the upper arm
It's the funny bone with a special charm

The lower arm has two bones there
The ulna and radius are the pair

The clavicle is the collar bone
The scapula is the shoulder zone

Your hip hop bones are your pelvis
Made famous by the singer Elvis

The knee joint is protected by the patella
A flat, triangular, knee cap fella

The femur is the bone in your thigh
It's the biggest and strongest, it holds you high

The fibula and tibia when they combine
Are the lower leg in a cool design

So your skull holds your brain
Did learning these bones drive you insane?

Say yes, say yes, say yes
Say yes, say yes, say yes

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