Life's like that!

November 23, 2006

While watching news this morning, the reporter talked about a special Thanksgiving Day recipe - Turducken recipe. It's actually a chicken in a duck in a turkey, so you get to eat three types of bird in one meal. If you are interested to try the recipe, you can find it on this web site
According to Wikipedia, "Turducken is believed to be Cajun in origin, although it may also have originated in eastern Texas or northern Louisiana. Lake Charles, Louisiana, claims that turduckens were invented there. While such elaborate layering of whole animals, also known as a farce, from the French word for "stuffing", can be documented well back into the Middle Ages of Europe, some people credit Cajun-creole fusion chef Paul Prudhomme with creating the chimerical dish. However, no one has ever verified his claim." (More on

I actually find this recipe 'interesting'. Not that there's anything wrong with this way of cooking birds, but it's kind of like '3-in-1'. I like 3-in-1 coffee and tea, but a 3-in-1 bird dish? I don't think so.

November 09, 2006

A note to my daughter:

A note to my daughter:

If you really knew me, you would know that I... your father and you very much, so much so that I'm willing to be away from your grandmother, aunt and uncles for four years and maybe for the rest of my life;

...want to be a role model for you, someone who is brave, kind, generous, strong, loyal, honest, diligent, faithful and forgiving;

...want to show you only the beautiful side of life and yet know that hiding the cruel and sad facts of life will harm you instead of protecting you.