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October 24, 2010

Scholar Dollar Bazaar and Science Fair

It was too much excitement for me on Thursday when two events happened on one day - Scholar Dollar Bazaar and Science Fair for 1st to 4th grade students.

On Thursday morning, we held the Scholar Dollar Bazaar during the first period. Students purchased items with earned fake dollars for every perfectly scored tests during the 1st nine weeks of school. All praise be to Allah SWT parents donated accessories and stationery to the bazaar. Students were also allowed to buy tickets for a movie that they could watch in class while others visited the library.

When students brought their science projects to school on Thursday, we had to find space outside the classroom to store poster boards and science experiments. Then judges came to speak to individual student about his/her science experiment.

At the end of the day, I was just glad that it was over. I was so tired that I went to bed at 8:30pm. Next time when we have a school wide event, I should remember not to schedule a class event on the same day.


Surprise Treat

All praise be to Allah SWT, just when I thought that the chickens are no longer laying eggs due to shorter daytime (since they need at least 14 hours of sunlight), I found 11 eggs in the backyard last Wednesday. Yesterday I found three more brown eggs and two white ones! Our two white chickens are finally laying eggs!

I didn't realize that the white hens laid eggs but yesterday they have been awfully loud and noisy-a typical behavior of hens that laid eggs. I am glad that they are 'happy' about becoming adults when they lay eggs.

The size of the white eggs are about 1/2 of the brown ones. Allah SWT willing we'll have more eggs from the white hens before they take a two month winter vacation.


October 14, 2010

Homeworkopoly is Fun!

Since last week, with the homeroom teacher's permission, I start to implement the game 'Homeworkopoly' for the 4th graders. This game is designed to motivate students turn in homework regularly and it seems to be quite effective.

I happened to know about this game when I last worked as the librarian at the school. Since I did not have regular classes with students, I did not have the opportunity to set up this game. When I told the 4th grade homeroom teacher about using this game to motivate students to turn in homework regularly, she allowed me to do so.

Over the weekend, I prepared the game board on a tri-fold presentation board. On Monday, I appointed one of the students to be the game host and she gets to roll the dice twice. Those who turned in all their homework got to play the game on Tuesday. After they played the game, many students kept asking me when they will get to play the game again. If the excitement level continues at this level, I might let them play the game twice a week. Allah SWT willing I hope that this will help to get those students who regularly forget to turn in homework make an effort to change their ways.


Drama in the 4th grade classroom

When I start to work in the 4th grade classroom, I never expect to encounter so much drama. Well, life sure gets interesting when the personalities of 29 nine-year-old kids start to unfold before your eyes.

Since last month, I have been getting at least one complain each day about kids who have difficulty getting along with each other. I have also been comforting kids whose feelings got hurt by reckless words from inconsiderate classmates.

The homeroom teacher has many years of experience dealing with this sort of pre-teen dramas, so I often go to her for guidance on how to resolve this types of interpersonal relationship problems. I do hope that Allah SWT willin,g I will be more confident dealing with emotional needs of students as the days go by.


October 07, 2010

Top 10 Things You Don't Learn About Teaching in College!

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October 06, 2010

Gifts from Students

This week the library is holding a Scholastic Book Fair. Yesterday morning 4th grade students had a chance to visit the book fair to purchase items such as books, stationery and posters.

One of the boys bought me a nice pen while the other gave me an eraser with a hundred dollar note printed on it. I really did not expect to get these gifts from the boys, so it was a pleasant surprise, all praise be to Allah SWT. I really appreciate their thoughtfulness and generosity.

Allah SWT willing a portion of the book fair sale will go to the library. It is truly the support of students, parents and teachers that help to make the book fair a success.