Life's like that!

March 30, 2011

Now that excuse sounds familiar...

As a teacher's assistant, part of my job responsibilities include checking homework submission. Here is a list of lame excuses, in no particular order, that I've heard from students who did not hand in homework so far this year: 1. I gave it to you just now. 2. My cousin tore it when he came to my house on Saturday/Sunday. 3. I can't find it. 4. It is not in my bag/house/locker. 5. I didn't get it. 6. I gave it to the other teacher. 7. I left it on the table. 8. I forget where it is./I don't know where it is. 9. I lost it. 10. I left it on my table last night after I did it. Usually those who do not bring in homework with the above excuses get an email to their parents and lose a chance to play the Homeworkopoly. If these two methods don't work, recess and/or lunch detention usually helps them remember to turn in homework the next day, miraculously.


Baby Blues

It's officially - Allah SWT willing we are having a boy! On Monday, I visited an obstetrics specialist to check the baby's gender. Husband, DD1 and DD2 came with me. We left about 1 hour prior to the appointment time but were stuck in a traffic jam for 3 hours due to a car accident on the freeway. All praise be to Allah SWT when I called to inform the staff about the delay, I was told that I could see the specialist when I get there instead of rescheduling the appointment. When we arrived at the clinic, it was quite crowded. We waited for another 2 hours before it was my turn. While Nurse Denise was checking the baby's body measurement, DD1 was announcing to her that she is going to have a brother. Well, She has been saying this for the past two months, so now it is official. Dr. Tabor came in to explain more details about the baby's measurement. All praise be to Allah SWT all things seem to be normal, with no major concerns about the baby's health. We were so relieved when we heard that. I'll have to say that this pregnancy is quite different from the previous ones. I crave more for meat and potato, and seem to be able to eat more garlic. Since DD1 and DD2 both look like husband, Allah SWT willing when the baby arrives in August, we'll get to see who he'll look like.


March 24, 2011

Blue or Pink?

Next Monday afternoon, Allah SWT willing we will find out whether we are expecting a boy or a girl.

Personally I hope for a third girl in our family because I love to dress up DD1 and DD2. It'll also mean that we don't have to purchase a whole new wardrobe for a boy :)

Husband, on the other hand, is hoping for a boy. I guess since we have two girls, it'll balance out our family's gender balance if the third child is a boy.

Most of the teachers are saying that maybe we'll get a boy this time. They are happy that we are getting a new addition to the family in August.

All I ask from Allah SWT is a healthy and happy baby for us, Allah SWT willing.


"Do I look stupid to you?"

I was the only teacher to sub for the fourth grade teacher when she was absent on Monday and Tuesday.

For some reason, several students decided to test my patience and held private conversations among themselves as I was teaching. So I had to ask them, "Do I look stupid to you? Do you think that I wouldn't see that some of you are not paying attention?" After hearing my questions, those students immediately changed their behavior and didn't give me any problems for the rest of the day.

Sometimes I am really surprised that students would think that teachers do not pay attention to them. When I was in secondary three, I had a geography teacher who didn't care whether we copied answers straight from the textbook for a test. At that time, I was angry that the school could have such an irresponsible and selfish person to teach yound children. So sfter that when I had teachers who scolded students in my class for not paying attention or not giving their best to reach their full potential, I would pay more respect for them because they cared about us by expecting high standards.

I just hope that the 4th grade students realize that truly caring teachers are those who care enough to make them pay attention in class, while teachers who let students do what they like in class are just irresponsible adults.


March 09, 2011

Strange food craving

I am having a very interesting pregnancy this time because of the unusual food cravings. All praise be to Allah SWT, I am able to keep down the food that I ate so far.

DD1 & DD2:
Food I loved: macaroni and cheese, pickled cucumber (for two weeks only), grapes,
Food I detested: garlic, meat

Baby #3:
Food I love: meat and potato, pineapple (which I dislike when not pregnant), noodles
Food I detest: macaroni and cheese, rice

Interesting to see if this babe is going to be a guy or gal...


March 08, 2011

Baby no. 3 on the way

All praise be to Allah SWT, we are expecting a third child in mid August, Allah SWT willing.

The pregnancy was actually unexpected by husband and I. Although we have thought of stopping at two kids, Allah SWT has other plans for us. Yes, we are excited about the new addition to the family, but we are also concern about giving sufficient attention to DD1 and DD2. Allah SWT willing we will manage.

Looks like we are stuck with diaper and milk duties for at least another year.