Life's like that!

April 20, 2011

No eggs for me

Yesterday afternoon, I threw up in school.

I had three eggs on Monday night, and felt really sick yesterday morning. Determined to shake off the nauseous feeling, I went to work and felt horrible the whole morning. Even though I tried to have crackers and bread with cheese, it did not help. So I had to threw up everything in my stomach and felt only slightly better. After that I couldn't focus on helping students with the state standardized test preparation for next week's tests, I told the 4th grade teacher that I am going home early to rest. All praise be to Allah SWT, she was understanding and told me to get some good rest.

Before I left school, I called husband and asked him to pick up DD1 and DD2 at the babysitter's place. I am thankful that he was able to leave work early to do so.

Coincidentally another teacher who is also pregnant now told me that she would throw up after eating eggs. Since eating eggs made me sick when I was pregnant with DD1 and DD2, I should have know better. Looks like I'll have to eat more tempeh as an alternate source of protein for eggs.