Life's like that!

April 20, 2011

Playing with Dolls

Several months ago, I bought a Mulan doll for DD1.

After watching the Disney movie version of 'Mulan' with DD1, I found the doll on sale at a nearby grocery store. So I bought one for her and played the doll with her to reinforce the good values bravery and obedience to one's parents. In addition, I also purchased two Chinese books with English translation about Hua Mu Lan's story. I took time to explain to DD1 how the story of Mulan in those books are different from the movie version. DD1 loves to read these books with me and talks about how Mulan was brave to fight the bad guys. She even asked me if she could learn Chinese martial arts like Kung Fu so that she can fight like Mulan.

When DD1 goes to her babysitter, she brings her Mulan doll along and tells her babysitter about Mulan's story. I explained to her babysitter that I want DD1 to play with dolls but not to focus on the doll's proportion and beautiful outfits. Instead I want her to understand a doll's character and learn to focus on the doll's good morals.