Life's like that!

September 13, 2011

'Not Nice'

Since most of us, except husband, had the cold, I was unable to blog for the last few days. All praise be to Allah SWT, husband took good care of the kids while I rested. I guess the fact that he has been wearing the face mask has helped to shield him from the germs.

Nowadays, DD2's favorite words are 'Not nice.' Whenever she purposely drops a cup or toy on the floor, she would immediately say these words. I can't get upset with her since she looks so cute when she says these two words. Sigh...

Since DD1 started school last week, I have spent about 30 minutes every day to prepare her lunch box. Good thing her homeroom teacher mandates all students to bring a water bottle to school, so I don't pack juice box for her.

So far lunch menu for DD1's lunch box include pasta with ground beef and sweet peas in tomato sauce, and peanut butter with jelly sandwich. Side dishes include grape tomatoes, raw carrots and cucumber cut into flower shapes with Japanese cutters. Snacks consist of a variety of cookies and organic fruit twist. I am glad that she usually finishes her lunch in school. I think I might pack more pasta and rice dishes for DD1 when I go back to work, Allah SWT willing.

I have been putting a handmade card in DD1's lunchbox, and she always look forward to seeing them. I pick up this tip from my dear sister's friend who lives in Massachusetts. Now DD1 tells me that when she misses me, she can look at the card and feel better. Awwwwww......