Life's like that!

April 25, 2011

Reunion with an old friend

All praise be to Allah SWT this morning, an ex-colleague who used to teach Arabic in Pre-K and elementary levels came to visit. She and her family moved to the Saudi Arabia three years ago. Although we did not stay in touch when she was away, I really miss her and always remember her dedication and love for her students.

When I worked as the school's librarian, she used to help me select Arabic books and translate the titles into English for easy cataloging. Tears of joy flew down my face as I hugged her. We chatted for a while in the cafeteria.

All praise be to Allah SWT she now has four kids, three boys and a girl. Allah SWT willing her family will be moving back to the United States soon and she intend to send her children to the school where I working. I am so thankful that I'll get to see her more often and really looking forward to hanging out with her.